When Randall Alexander surveyed an area west of the Capitol in downtown Madison, WI recently, he saw more than a real estate development opportunity, he saw a chance to bring striking architectural improvements and additions to a dated and aesthetically challenged site, all through environmentally sensitive construction techniques.
The Owner and President of The Alexander Company, a real estate development company specializing in urban revitalization and historic preservation, has taken a site fragmented by a mixed bag of buildings and parking facilities, and united it into Capitol West–a high-caliber, eco-friendly housing and mixed-use locks away from the Wisconsin state capitol and intermingled in the University of Wisconsin campus. The Alexander Company wanted Capitol West to set a precedent for all other residential developments in downtown Madison, as well as the rest of the country.
Given the scope and significance of the project, it was determined that an all-encompassing approach to planning and architecture should be engaged. From conceptualization through planning, The Alexander Company focused on making Capitol West an eco-friendly project. To facilitate this endeavor, they enlisted the services of Madison Environmental Group. Indeed, Capitol West has made a reality of what have only been academic exercises in planning, design and construction.

“Reuse efforts and deconstruction recycling on a job is the first step towards responsible green building and thus responsible development,” said Sonya Newenhouse, President, Madison Environmental Group. “Not only did we divert 56 tons of fixtures, furniture, building materials, and ceiling tiles from the landfill, but the reuse efforts at Capitol West created tons of goodwill in the community at large: from individuals furnishing their new apartments to non-profits receiving much needed materials.”