Imagine the East Washington Corridor without the Constellation of Galaxie, or without the American Family Insurance Spark building and StartingBlock. Where would “The Ave” be without a renovated Breese Stevens Field, Flamingo soccer games, or concerts at the Sylvee?

Face it, life might seem somewhat bland without a flashy AC Hotel Madison, a second tower (and ice rink!) at the Edgewater, a hipper downtown Middleton, and water access to restaurants along the Yahara River in Monona. Ten years ago, these projects didn’t exist. Now, they are shining examples of how growth has continued to alter the landscape as Greater Madison proves its value as one of the best places to live, work, and play.

Inside the following pages, we present a selection of projects scheduled to go online in 2020 as developers build housing (including affordable housing), business headquarters, and event spaces to accommodate what has been about 60,000 more residents every 10 years.

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This article was originally published by In Business Magazine.