In the property development and historic renovation business, innovation and complex problem-solving skills are prized, and The Alexander Company meets the challenge by giving its employees freedom to make decisions.

“Overcoming these obstacles requires an environment that naturally cultivates and nourishes new ideas and creative approaches,” said Joe Alexander, the company’s president. “To achieve and maintain that environment, one of the most important things we do is empower our employees to feel comfortable providing their own ideas and solutions.”

The Alexander Company, based in Madison, specializes in urban infill development, historic preservation and affordable housing solutions. The company has worked on projects nationally and has 71 local employees.

“Central to our culture are collaboration and employee empowerment. By empowering our employees, we’ve cultivated a sense of ownership across the team,” Alexander added. “Our employees treat the company as their own, taking immense pride in its growth, the quality of our work and the impact we have on the communities we serve.”

In addition to its benefits plan, employees at The Alexander Company also enjoy work-life balance.

“One standout benefit that our team members particularly enjoy is half-day Fridays: the workday ends at noon, every Friday,” said Alexander. “Initially introduced as a summer perk, it was so well received that we decided to make it a permanent, year-round feature. This gives everyone the feeling of a long weekend, every week, contributing significantly to work-life balance.”

Alexander said that the company’s work is also inspiring for employees, giving them a sense of pride. The company often works to provide housing at all income levels and preserve the history of the communities it serves.

“Each project is a story of preserving history, returning once-loved landmarks to prominence, and providing a quality environment in which people can live, work and interact,” he said. “Knowing that our efforts are contributing to something larger than ourselves helps foster a strong sense of accomplishment.”

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This article was originally published by the Wisconsin State Journal.