It’s $3,700 a month, but it’s also a one-of-a-kind apartment in the downtown Milwaukee market.

That’s the penthouse unit of The Fortress, a historic building complex that Madison-based Alexander Co. is rehabbing into 132 units on East Pleasant Street. Most of the units are larger than those found in new construction, but the three-level penthouse, built into a tower originally meant to house The Fortress’ water tank, is quite unique, and has 1,589 square feet.

See the attached slideshow for a walk through of The Fortress as it prepares to open its doors for apartment tours in preparation for a January move-in.

Joseph Alexander, president of Alexander Co., said he’s not worried about the building leasing up. But given all of the other units coming online in downtown Milwaukee, he said he likely wouldn’t pursue a less interesting project in the area.

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This article was first published by Sean Ryan in the Milwaukee Business Journal.