More than a century after it was first built, the Milwaukee Soldiers Home has been restored to serving our veterans in need.

The district, near the Milwaukee VA Medical Center and American Family Field, was designated a national landmark but fell into disrepair.

After a decade-long effort, a dedication ceremony outside the historic Old Main building and guided tours marked the campus’ new life.

“There’s a sense of disbelief that this is a reality for these veterans and their families to be living in such a beautiful place, mainly because some of them have never been able to live in something like this that they could call home,” said Lt. Ed Garza, President and CEO for the Center for Veterans Issues.

Six restored buildings provide 101 permanent supportive housing units for veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

The number of veterans experiencing homelessness is on the decline. However, in 2020, Wisconsin had an estimated 337 homeless veterans.

The team behind restoring the Soldiers Home Campus reported nearly 90 percent of the units are leased up after opening a couple of months ago.

“The demand is remarkable. It’s greater than what we even thought it would be,” said Joe Alexander, President of The Alexander Company.

Qualifying tenants pay about 30 percent of their income.

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This article was originally published by TMJ4 News.