Restoration specialists hope to have a feeling of accomplishment along with a big profit after they finish fixing up unique homes at the National Park Seminary in Silver Spring.
The Alexander Company, a Wisconsin-based national developer, owns the properties and has chosen four applicants to renovate and restore at least nine of the 11 homes, which include unusual structures like a Swiss chalet, Japanese bungalow and Indian mission house.

‘‘These projects don’t come along very often, so they’re not always a great business decision, but this one happens to be really good,” said Phillip Smith, a restoration expert who will team up with Washington, D.C.,-based builder Donald Frost to work on six of the 11 homes on the property.

Smith said it was the opportunity to invest in something unique and the great location of the homes that made the business decision an easy one.
Some of the homes that he will work on include the Japanese bungalow, the Indian mission house, a colonial house, the American bungalow and the Dutch windmill.