With its crisp design and elegant use of materials, our judges viewed Capitol Petroleum’s new Madison facility as a redefinition of what a gas station-convenience store is meant to be.
In going beyond what’s expected, designers of this combination convenience store, fuel dispensary, car wash, restaurant, and office “did not go overboard in trying to make it look impressive, and in so doing made it even more impressive,” remarked one [Commercial Design Award] judge.
That’s a fine line to walk when replacing an existing convenience store, but it had to be done. The previous store and site, located to the north of the new site in the Novation Campus business park, was poorly maintained and a focal point for crime and loitering. By co-locating the convenience store with the operational headquarters, the new operator is better able to maintain the facility and provide better security.
The result is an amenity that serves the community and Novation Campus, and one that could serve as a catalyst for additional retail and residential development in the vicinity. The facility also provides a new food option to the residents of the area and the 2,000 tenants of the business park.
Also among its better design features are deep overhangs for passive solar control and shelter for an office patio, panoramic clerestory glazing in the office space, and a material palette that blends well with the overall Novation Campus.
“Beautifully crafted elevations with a sensitive use of building materials,” commented one judge. “A very well-developed series of elevations.”
Another judge was pleased by the departure from the norm. “A unique incorporation of design and materials create a comfortable environment, separating itself from the everyday pit stop,” he said. “It’s extremely unique to incorporate office space with a gas station, yet very well done.”

Project Credits

Location: 2570 Rimrock Road, Madison, WI 53713
Owner/Developer: Capitol Petroleum, LLC (Farooq Shahzad)
General Contractor: Supreme Structures
Architect/Interior Design Architect: Aro Eberle Architects
Engineers: Cold Spring Design, LLC; Professional Engineering, LLC
Photography: Eric Tadsen Photography
Completion Date: March 2013