A national treasure now restored, six buildings on the Milwaukee VA campus reopened Thursday, May 27 after a decade of rehabilitation.

The new facilities will house dozens of the nation’s heroes. After years of planning, the facilities have been restored to their original purpose – giving back to veterans.

“This is a place for them to call home and we are very very excited that the opening of the Soldiers Home is available to them,” said Lt. Eduardo Garza Jr., president of the Center for Veterans Issues.’

“You can just feel the building smile again because it’s doing what it was intended to do, which was to be a home for our nation’s heroes,” said James McLain, Milwaukee VA deputy director.

The Milwaukee Soldiers Home was established after the Civil War, making it one of Wisconsin’s most historic sites.

“All of the original brick was restored, the windows, the slate roof. We’re standing on a wood floor that’s 150 years old that’s perfectly intact and in great condition. So it’s very artistry,” said Joe Alexander, president of Alexander Co.

With the help from Alexander Co., the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee and other partners were able to preserve the history of every building – and created 101 permanent housing units for veterans and their families who may be homeless or at risk of homelessness.

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This article was originally published by Fox6 News.