Construction of the Dan River Falls and riverfront park projects continue as planned, with both endeavors still expected to be complete in late 2024.

“Work is being completed on schedule, which we’re thankful for, as we know not every developer can say the same right now,” said Kendra Bishop, spokesperson for The Alexander Company in Madison, Wisconsin.

Construction of the $85 million project to convert the former White Mill building into commercial space and residential units started early this year.

So far, the interior of the 550,000-square-foot structure has about 75% of the following finished: protective openings, selective demolition, cutting and framing, wall installation in shafts and firewalls, lead paint encapsulation, new concrete floor and wall framing, Bishop said.

Also, mechanical and electrical rough-ins are about 10% finished, she said.

As for the building’s exterior, about 85% of site utilities, window-opening demolition and concrete repair is finished, she said. Window installation is about 50% complete, Bishop said.

Exterior painting should be done in roughly six months.

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This article was originally published by the Danville Register & Bee.