Reader question: Do you have any info on the Foremost property development? There seems to be nothing going on down there.
Answer: The former Foremost Dairy site on East John Street in Appleton has attracted development ideas, including apartments and townhouses, over the last four years.
But until now, nothing has materialized.
The property is on the west bank of the Fox River. That’s across the river from Lawrence University’s Alexander Gym and Banta Bowl.
A current proposed development from The Alexander Company out of Madison is farther along in the process than past proposals.
The company plans to build a three-story, 98-unit senior living facility, pictured here, and about seven single-family homes. The $25 million project is called Eagle Point.

“We hope to break ground this fall,” said Kendra Bishop, spokeswoman for the firm.

Past projects didn’t move forward because “they couldn’t make the numbers work,” said Karen Harkness, director of community development for the city of Appleton.

“This one is happening. It’s well underway. They’ve done quite a bit of due diligence,” she said. “All indications are this will move forward. The neighborhood has been supportive.”

Neighbors had not been happy about past proposals on the site because of scale, traffic, parking and effect on the surrounding neighborhood.
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